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  • Save 5% on fees per investment
  • Avoid Adviser’s Annual Fees
  • Investments that your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • Picking your Appropriate Investment
  • How to Identify your Risk Profile
  • How to manage more than $1 million capital
  • or more than $150,000 annual income
  • Tax Structures, Trusts and Inheritance

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Summarized Content

Summarizes most of the Investment Studies available for investors in Canada.

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Pleasant reading material designed for non-experts.

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Course SpecificationInvestor’s rangeDelivery
Accredited Investor CourseMore than $ 1 million capital
or more than $150,000 annual income
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Practical Content

The content of this Course combines theory based on the Canadian Financial Markets and also practical knowledge acquired by Financial Specialist through years of practice.

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Royal Financial College is based in Toronto supporting investors and students from all over Ontario